Saturday, November 18, 2006

Uncle Warren's Attic Number Nine

After opening with a blip from the immortal "Revolution 9," we revisit the Beatles mono vs. stereo phenomenon with the near-breakdown that made it onto the official stereo version of "Please Please Me." Then it's on to Uncle Warren's homage to "Revolution 9," a little number called "I Can't Do That."

Next up, John Kongos' tender ballad "Tomorrow I'll Go," not from his cult classic album Kongos but from an earlier album called Confusions About A Goldfish. Then, after a vintage ad for the new RCA Victor 45 rpm music system, it's time for the centerpiece of this visit to the Attic.

Jean Shepherd is best known as the author/narrator of the wonderful 1983 movie A Christmas Story, but from 1957 to 1976 he was a fixture on WOR radio, New York, where he established himself as (IMHO) the best storyteller in radio history. Here he gives a dramatic recitation of "The Face Upon the Barroom Floor," an 1887 poem by Hugh Antoine d'Arcy, illustrative of how his show was a fantastically eclectic mix of stuff that we'll no doubt share in future episodes. For now, your best bets in learning and hearing more from Shep are and the Shep Archives.

After a complete left turn to bring you an unforgettable moment from Gammera the Invincible, we close with a lovely tune called "Whatever Happened" by Lazarus, a very fine folk band from the 1970s.

Technical note: You may notice (but hopefully not) a drop-off in audio quality this week - a few hiccups occurred on the way to converting the analog tape recording into an .mp3. But on a show that likes to keep the wear and tear of old recordings intact, it should not inhibit your enjoyment of the ride.

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