Sunday, December 10, 2006

Uncle Warren's Attic #12: What a world

What it is:

Excerpt from radio dramatization of It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed

Theme: "Seems Like Old Times," w.p. bluhm

A plug for the new Uncle Warren's Attic a-store

"Tip Toe Through the Tulips," Johnny Marvin (pictured)

A collage from the CD A Guitar's Carol by Keith L. Cooper

"Toastin' Marshmallows," Judy, Johnny & Billy (1959)

Vintage radio ad: Spry

"Melting," w.p. bluhm

"There Goes Robin" by "the Batman band." On the show I say this is the song that taught me the words pugilist and philanthropist, but when I listened again I misremembered. The mighty Robin is not described as a philanthropist in the song.

Coming soon: The "first annual" Uncle Warren Christmas Show.

Download UWA#12 by clicking on the "Pod" icon or here.

1 comment:

ZorchMan said...

Wow...another I'se a Muggin'!!!

Gonella was a popular trumpeter/singer/bandleader in the UK. I don't have a recording date for your version, but I'd say April-May'd probably be a month or so after the Muggin' fad in the US broke in March.

It was originally a stage production/audience participation bit that violinist Stuff Smith did at the old Onyx Club.

Anything that had a seven in it, or was divisible by seven got an "Uh-Uh," and anything ending with a zero got a "Woof, woof!"

Check my blog ( for all of the US versions (minus the one by Andy Kirk)...

Might you be able to post your version by itself so I could "borrow" it? Feel free to take any of mine!