Sunday, January 28, 2007

UW's Attic #20: The Top 40 Show

Fair warning: This one is different from everything that came before.

Everyone who has ever been on the radio has a dark place in their soul. Maybe it comes out on the full moon, maybe it comes out when they realize how silly life in general is ... but every so often they sneak off to that dark place and become ... a Top 40 DJ.

Recently, listening to tunes I'd downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network and Sub Pop Records, I found myself falling into that dark place, and before I realized what was happening ...

It was too late.

1. Rollin' - Maria Daines
2. Sin City - The Legendary Hucklebucks
3. Zen Hot Dog - The Sealed Weasels
[tie] The Dog Song - Piney Creek Weasels
5. Say I Love You - Ruby James
6. Atlantica - Speed Limit 35
7. The Ghost of an Unkissed Kisses - Trembling Blue Stars

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot to acknowledge the contributions of my partner, Red, who makes her podcast debut in the roles of news reader Red Roberts (not her real name!) and Jeanie, Caller #15. Thanks, hon! It wouldn't be the same without you.

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