Saturday, July 28, 2007

UWA 37: Featuring Sir Cedric Faintingmode

It's another dip into my pile of platters that spin at 78 rpm, including two peeks at the "Flying Saucer" mania of the mid-1950s.

I reprise Buchanan and Goodman's marvelous "Flying Saucer" record from 1956 to set you up for a (to any family members, I apologize) remarkably unfunny knock-off called "Out of This World With Flying Saucers" by Dave Barry and Sara Berner, who I'm sure were nice people.

Surrounding those are such lost gems as "Hotta Chocolatta" by the De John Sisters ... "Who's Sorry Now" by Les Stevens' Clover Gardens Orchestra ... "Hi Ho Trailus Boot Whip" by Anita O'Day ... "Oh Baby What a Night" by Billy Murray and Walter Scanlon ... and "Look Who's Talkin'" by Ted Daffan's Texans.

As usual the show is also peppered with other great moments from pop culture history. Download by clicking the pod icon and enjoy!

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