Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Uncle Warren's Attic 43

Back to rummaging around the Attic. In addition to some lovely clips from It Happened One Night and other flicks, UWA 43 includes:

"Don't Blame Me for What Happens in the Moonlight," from Perry Botkin Jr. and friends ... "Hello Again" by Herb Oscar Anderson ... the immortal "Pachalafaka" from Soupy Sales ... "Great Balls of Fire" from the New Grass Revival ... a showdown between The Shadow and a nutcase ... "Sweet Potato Piper" with Bing Crosby featuring John Trotter's Pan Fried Five ... and our beloved Aileen Stanley and Billy Murray round it off with "When the Leaves Come Tumbling Down."

Listen on the player in the righthand column, or here's your download pod:

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