Monday, December 17, 2007

UWAttic45: Scandinavian Zombie Holiday Greetings

Actually, no, Mary Woronov (pictured) does not appear in this episode, but we do share several clips from one of her greatest cult hits, when she played conflicted scientist hero Audrey White.

I spend most of the show rummaging through the Attic in search of this thing I saw in the newspaper once - UWA 45 is sandwiched between "A Laptop Like You" and "Podsafe Christmas Song" by Jonathan Coulton. Featured tunes include "Deck the Halls" by Rockosaurus Rex ... "Giggling Gertie" from Vaughn de Leath ... "O Lutefisk" by Molly and Sonny Boy ... "Emilia Polka (Laughing Polka)" by Lawrence Duchow ... my dramatc reading ... and "I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas" by Yogi Yorgesson.

Download here or press play over there at the top of the right column.

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Molly and Sonny Boy said...

Molly and Sonny Boy send "Season's Greetings!"
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