Sunday, July 06, 2008

UWA 52: From Independence Day to Orchestraville

Even if I'm a couple of days late for Independence Day, I have to read from the Declaration and play the Hurtado Brothers Royal Marimba Band version of "The Stars and Stripes Forever," don't I? I mean, it's tradition! Also within this slightly longer trip to the Attic are a couple of tunes by Red Ingle and his Natural Seven and the complete and unabridged Rusty in Orchestraville, one very interesting adventure. Oh, and there's a little Spike Jones in there, too.

As always, click the pod icon or here to hear — or, if you must, press play on the player at the top of Column B.

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Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, I heard a two-part series on Pete Fornatale's Mixed Bag Radio on XM 50 The Loft. It was Pete's updated version of Rusty in Orchestraville wherein he throws in all sorts of music I am quite certain you would have loved. If I hear it again (they sometimes do reruns), I will try to give you a heads up. You can get a 3-day trial subscription without giving a credit card number and listen free on the web.