Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UW Attic 102: A Little Thing We Used to Call Freedom

A little tune that could have been ripped from today's headlines is the second song in my album Ten Thousand Days. "There's just this little thing we used to call trust ... you can't treat everyone as if they're a crook ... It seems every day we're told to give a little bit more, and liberty's the biggest thing that they took ..."

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Featured in this show:
Theme - "Not to Return" - Randy Bachman
"A Little Thing We Used to Call Freedom" - w.p. bluhm
(Vintage McDonald's ad)
"Are My Ears On Straight" - Gayla Peevey
Mystery tune - "Sometimes (When I'm Alone)"
(Vintage Pepsi ad)
"The Cliff" and "The Symptoms" from Refuse to be Afraid
"Shenandoah" - Jennifer Avalon

1 comment:

Wally Conger said...

Ms. Avalon's rendition here of "Shenandoah" brings back memories of the Jimmy Stewart movie, one of the greatest films about freedom ever. Nice to have it alongside your own "A Little Thing We Used to Call Freedom."