Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Will To Fly - a w.p. bluhm collection

First and foremost, thanks to Sunni for her comments about "Wanting To Live Forever" and suggesting that I make it more readily available. Without further ado, click here to listen or download the song (there's another link below, of course.)

THE ALBUM: From a dub between two cassette recorders with a nylon string guitar in 1974, to a recording using all computer-generated instruments in 2000, these 15 tracks comprise what I consider my "best of" those years.

The songs cover a variety of adventures, misadventures, ups and downs that we should talk about some night over a beer or two. For now, thanks for listening and I hope you like it.

Words and music by w.p. bluhm (except for track 8)

THE SONGS: You can play them by clicking on 'em or download using your computer's standard download procedures.

1. Years of Our Lives (6:55/Written 1977/Recorded March 18, 1986)
2. Seems Like Old Times (2:25/1978/Dec. 22, 1985)
3. Crying Over Spilled Thyme (2:56/1977/1977)
4. Always Love You (2:49/1976/March 30, 1986)
5. Sweet Sarah Wilde (5:08/Sept. 6, 1984/Dec. 21, 1985)
6. Priscilla (3:33/1972/1975)
7. Darling Don't You Cry (3:52/1974/1974)
8. Happy Talk (4:32/Rodgers-Hammerstein 1949/1992)
9. Sha-la-la-la-la-la (1:49/June 6, 1985/Dec. 22, 1985)
10. Snuggle Bunny (2:31/Feb. 7, 1999/Feb. 21, 2000)
11. The Best is Yet To Be (3:36/June 22, 1986/1987)
12. Wanting To Live Forever (5:05/Jan. 27, 1986/March 30, 1986)
13. Billy and Jody (2:51/June 30, 1988/July 26, 1989)
14. Don't You Worry (3:25/Aug. 30, 1986/1987)
15. I Thank God (4:15/Jan. 30, 1987/1987)

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