Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uncle Warren's Attic 104: Cat Man/All That's Left You

More from Refuse to be Afraid, two more songs from Ten Thousand Days, and a small handful of other aural delights await if you'll click on the "pod" icon or click here.
This week's chapter is "What this book is, and is not."
This book does not contain a system, merely an exhortation.
I believe that every human being is an individual, and it is dangerous to group individuals into a collective or make generalizations based on apparent similarities between individuals.
We are snowflakes, not assembly-line products. No two snowflakes are alike, they say, and assembly lines were invented in order to churn out items that are identical in every possible way. Keep in mind, though, that even two products that come off an assembly line are not exactly alike.
What works for me in overcoming fear may not work for you.
To buy a hard copy or download the book, click here.
And two songs from Ten Thousand Days this week, in part because "Cat Man" is a mere 61 seconds long. "All That's Left You (The Judy Garland Song)" also included. If you like that tune or think it's time to buy this whole groundbreaking album, click here.

Other goodies this Tuesday morning:
"Sufficiently Breathless" - Captain Beyond
"Just Always" - Glass Harp
"Penitentiary Blues" - Charlie Monroe
And vintage ads for Mountain Dew and K-TEL! Also, Sha Na Na exhorts listeners to not do drugs. All told, it's another lovely and entertaining podcast. Here's another chance to hear/download it: Click here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UW Attic 103: I Picked You

Another tune from my homemade album Ten Thousand Days, another chapter from my book Refuse to be Afraid, and contributions from Bob Gibson and Hamilton Camp, John Sebastian, Nancy Sinatra and Rocky Votolato.

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The lineup:
Theme: Not to Return - Randy Bachman
I Picked You - w.p. bluhm
(Vintage Shaeffer Pens commercial)
Well, Well, Well - Bob Gibson and Hamilton Camp
Well, Well, Well - John Sebastian
(Nancy Sinatra for Coca-Cola)
Refuse to be Afraid: "It Starts When You're Always Afraid"
White Daisy Passing - Rocky Votolato

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UW Attic 102: A Little Thing We Used to Call Freedom

A little tune that could have been ripped from today's headlines is the second song in my album Ten Thousand Days. "There's just this little thing we used to call trust ... you can't treat everyone as if they're a crook ... It seems every day we're told to give a little bit more, and liberty's the biggest thing that they took ..."

Buy Ten Thousand Days or "A Little Thing We Used to Call Freedom" here ... and you can find the book Refuse to be Afraid here.

For the free podcast, click on the "Pod" icon or right here for Uncle Warren's Attic #102.

Featured in this show:
Theme - "Not to Return" - Randy Bachman
"A Little Thing We Used to Call Freedom" - w.p. bluhm
(Vintage McDonald's ad)
"Are My Ears On Straight" - Gayla Peevey
Mystery tune - "Sometimes (When I'm Alone)"
(Vintage Pepsi ad)
"The Cliff" and "The Symptoms" from Refuse to be Afraid
"Shenandoah" - Jennifer Avalon

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

UW Attic 101: Back Where I Belong

Introducing "Back Where I Belong" from my new music project Ten Thousand Days and beginning a reading of my book Refuse to be Afraid. This begins a 10-week (ish) series that will feature a song from the album and an excerpt of the book. You can collect all 10 podcasts to get the picture slowly but surely, or you can go to my bookstore or CD Baby or iTunes to buy and/or download the book and album in their entirety today.

Here's your handy guide to today's episode:
Intro/Not to Return - Randy Bachman
Back Where I Belong - w.p. bluhm
(Robert Palmer concert ad)
Buy For Me The Rain - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Cheese Curds, Booyah and Beer - Fred Alley
(Roy Orbison for Coca-Cola)
Refuse to be Afraid - Introduction - Warren Bluhm
The Banana Boat Song - The Tarriers

Click on the Pod icon or here to listen/download UW Attic 101 - Here are your links to the album and the book. Have fun!!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Ten Thousand Days preview: You Can't Be Trusted

Hi folks! Happy Election Day. Here's a tune for the day from my upcoming album Ten Thousand Days, releasing Nov. 9. Also watch for Uncle Warren's Attic #101. Click on the pod icon or right here to listen!