Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nothing personal

Most folks know I live in the general vicinity of Green Bay, Wisconsin, so there's a tendency to keep an eye on the television set with some urgency around noon Sundays in the fall - especially that first Sunday of the NFL season. It was an entertaining afternoon - Packers 16, Iggles 13. Sorry, Philly fans.

Well, then I went off and puttered around the house, and when I returned to the TV, the Chicago Bears were clinging to a 3-0 lead at San Diego somewhere in the third quarter. No sooner did I sit down when all hell broke loose and the Bears said collectively to the Chargers, "Here, you can have this game, we didn't really want it anyway." Final score SD 14, Chitown 3. Now I feel obligated to watch the Bears every chance I get this season, as my presence in the audience clearly sent the team down the tubes.

When the Packers win and the Bears lose, everyone's happier in Green Bay Monday morning. Nothing personal, that's just the way it is.

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