Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out-give the government

Dave Ramsey has a revolutionary idea in the podcast of his Aug. 19 show, as he talked about the power of giving:

We gripe in this country a lot about the taxes and the government taking all of our money, and we should, because they do, but the truth is, I think that if people of faith gathered together and for about a decade out-gave the government, we could make the government irrelevant as a social organization. They could be irrelevant; no one would care that they’re there, if we the people start doing a better job of taking care of we the people. You could out-give the government and put them out of business, and then the taxes would go down because you wouldn’t tolerate taxation at this level if people who were hurting were all being helped by outside organizations and other people.
Worth a shot? Worth discussing amongst ourselves - as long as we don't talk so long we forget to act.


Anonymous said...

This is one of those ideas that sounds good and looks like a winner on paper. The problem is, the government, local, state, and federal, through regulations, ordinances and laws, has made it damn near impossible for goodhearted, charitable people to help those who do need a helping hand, whether through deeds, food (meals) and clothing or cash.

Almost daily we read about health codes, fire codes, ordinances enacted that prevent Jack and Jill from helping the hungry, the homeless, those seeking shelter and warm clothes, a hot meal, etc. And who knows what charity you give your hard-earned money to will be designated a terrorist front by Homeland Security with the generous giver ending up in Gitmo.
Sadly, America has changed. It is no longer the 'land of the free.'

Warren Bluhm said...

Yes, but "damn near impossible" still offers a glimmer of possibility. If the church or other faith organizations were to become known as more reliable and generous than the confiscation-supported agencies (and they already are), at some point Ramsey's theory could kick in. It will take a lot of time and energy to reverse the momentum, but freely and cheerfully given charity ought to trump forced (taxed) donations by definition.

lewlew said...

Awesome idea!!!! Think of what can be done with a few less lattes a month. That money could be used to help others, and put all together would be incredible help.

What skills do you have? As a knitter, I know that any knitted donations to chilly areas is greatly appreciated.

Take a look at this girl's story: http://www.highlinetimes.com/2010/05/03/news/service-others-makes-megan-states-top-high-school-student
She is amazing and has been helping the homeless since she was 11 years old.

Uncle Warren, you rock!