Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Putzing around the Attic

Uncle Warren's Attic is a continual work in progress. I'm fiddling with some ideas on where to take the podcast next, and meanwhile I've decided to revert to the original purpose of this site, which was and is to supplement the podcast and talk about music and the other eclectic stuff that makes it onto the podcast.

Meanwhile, I've been posting my more philosophical or political thoughts over at a place I'm pretentiously calling Check it out if you'd like a piece of my mind, or to share a piece of yours in the proverbial comment section.

UWA will be back soon!


Matt Hogan said...

Are you the Warren Bluhm who ran in the 90th Assembly District in 1996?

I was just going through the Brown County election results and I searched your name to find out if you were a Republican or Democrat.

Warren Bluhm said...

Yes, I am that guy, 15 years later. Although I ran as a Republican and came to my point of view from that direction, I think of myself as a small-l libertarian. The two parties are very similar in that both tend to seek statist solutions to any challenges, as opposed to trusting individuals to make their own decisions. Both parties are content with "big government"; they just have different priorities about how to wield big government's power. The quickest explanation I ever heard was that both parties want to be your parent - Republicans are the daddy, Democrats are the mommy. But neither trusts you to be an adult.