Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Refocus: A report to the tribe

So ... first off, Myke Phoenix is back. The book was fun, but he always was intended to be a monthly adventure series, so here he is. The first edition of the free Myke Phoenix emagazine arrived quietly and without fanfare, and it will appear on the ides of every month for as long as there are adventures to tell. Expect me to toot that horn a little harder as time goes on.

Second, I'm heading back to the Attic. We're finally settled enough in our (still temporary) quarters for me to feel comfortable unpacking some boxes of my aural stash. Etched in stone now: The next new podcast will arrive Feb. 12. The goal: A new show every Sunday.

Still to come: A fresh new edition of Henry David Thoreau's Resistance to Civil Government a k a Civil Disobedience. Like my version of Tom Paine's Letters to the Citizens, it'll be a free ebook with the option to purchase a more permanent dead-tree edition.

I have uncovered a wonderful old dirigible adventure that I'll be bringing you by spring. I'm using my trusty OCR scanner to transfer the book and working on a fun little introduction. There's a revised edition of my short story collection Wildflower Man in your future. I haven't forgotten my novel The Imaginary Revolution, either. Been tinkering with that durn-fangled thing for about five years, I think.

It was important for me to share the concepts in Refuse to be Afraid and A Scream of Consciousness – and expect new ebook and audio versions of those two efforts, too, by the way – but now it's on to other endeavors. Keep an eye here, on Facebook and Twitter, and wherever else we happen to bump into each other.

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