Friday, March 16, 2012

Coming Sunday, news and food songs

All signs in this little corner of the universe are pointing toward an early spring. Temperatures are running more than 20 degrees above normal, which would make a case against climate change skepticism if we didn't remember the 16-inch snowstorm last April.

The warmer weather has heated the creative juices a bit, and this weekend's show features a couple of new things – a little newscast I'm informally calling This Terrifying Report, full of odd stories that would be scary if we didn't all Refuse to be Afraid, and also The Poetry Corner, kind of a robot beatnik hangout.

In between is the usual assortment of musical tonalities culled from my pile of 78s and downloaded from here and there. I must have been hungry when I chose this week's songs, because they're all about food this week.

All of this is to encourage you to start your week with a visit here on Sunday morning, or better yet – subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss a single episode!

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