Monday, October 08, 2012

Campaign season again

Yep, here we go. Every time you turn on the telly, you're assaulted by someone telling you to be afraid of what will happen if the other guy wins.

Must be an election coming.

I wrote Refuse to be Afraid a couple of years ago in part because of times like these, when people with agendas are ratcheting up the fear factor. The political ads try to get you to place your hopes and fears for the future in this person or that's hands.

The goal is to divert your attention from a basic fact: Your future is in your hands. It's not about choosing the right boss to watch over you. It's about swallowing the fear and living your life.

Getting you to focus on that life was the reason I wrote this book

A while ago Wally Conger and I spent some time talking about this: You can listen by heading here and following the links.

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