Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coming this fall: UW Attic #78 and beyond

I mentioned in the now-legendary Uncle Warren's Attic #77 that my ability to deliver a weekly podcast may be temporarily hampered by the fact that we're moving into temporary quarters while we build a new Attic.

Well, the most practical thing to do turned out to be to move everything from the Attic into temporary storage!

Therefore, We move the podcast - but not the blog - into another hiatus, but never fear pilgrims: I already have begun planning the next series of UWA adventures. Coming this fall, after living a bit of a nomadic life for a couple of years, Red and I plan to be settled into our new home and able to unpack shtuff, some of which has literally been in boxes since July 2010. And, once unpacked, some of this shtuff will amaze and astonish you.

I'm guessing that around the time the fall TV season rolls around, you'll have the additional option of gathering around whatever electronic device you use to listen to podcasts and hear a new season of Uncle Warren's Attic, more eclectic than ever.

In the meantime, monitor the construction progress and otherwise keep in touch with your favorite eccentric uncle by visiting this little place in cyberspace. And feel free to rifle through the archives when you have a strong desire for a UWA episode. Thanks for listening!

As always, you can contact me directly at with questions and comments.

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