Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to live to be 100

Cleaning out the old Attic in anticipation of moving the new one we hope to occupy by mid-August, I found my notes from the 100th birthday party for Herbi Hardt, which I mentioned back in Episode 72.

He had some good answers to the inevitable question of how to live to be a century old, and before I toss the notes into the recycling bin, here they are – to be preserved for posterity! (These are the exact notes – in parentheses I fill out what I remember of what they mean.)

Don’t clutter up your life (with things like hatred, anger and rigid beliefs).

Live now (not in the past or overly worried about the future).

I’m not political.

(Live in ways that will leave) This world to be a better place.

Keep learning and moving on; keep on adding to your knowledge.

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