Sunday, June 17, 2012

New buttons ------------>

You may have noticed there's now a handy-dandy button linking you to ImagRev: The Imaginary Revolution, the daily memoirs of Ray Kaliber, who is considered the founder of the stateless Commonwealth of Sirius 4. This would be a good week to drop in, because he's talking about the development of his philosophy of nonviolent civil disobedience and the early moments of his courtship with the love of his life, Buffalo Springsteen.

It's still early enough that it would take just a few minutes to catch up by wandering back to Entry 1. You also have an opportunity to look like a trend-setter by being one of the first to get hooked on this interplanetary tale of freedom, rebellion and romance that no doubt will have all of cyberspace talking one of these days soon. The blog is updated at 5 a.m. every day, so go ahead. Make it a habit. Click the button! Start the conversation! Tweet and retweet! Get the buzz buzzing about ImagRev: The Imaginary Revolution.

I've also replaced the text descriptions of my books with buttons featuring the cover art. Click on whichever catches your fancy to learn more about what's behind the covers.

An update: Our new home has a roof over it, bathing stations have been installed in the bathrooms, and the electrician has wired the place. Someday soon they'll hook the place up to the electricity grid and sink a well. We're hoping to move in by early August and resume podcasting in September.

While the aural stash is in storage, I'm pleased to be sharing the long-awaited story of Sirius 4, which has been waiting to see the light for a long time.

It's an exciting time! Use the buttons!

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