Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost home

Red and I are days away from fulfilling our dream of moving into our new home not far from the waters of Green Bay in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. We have owned this land for about seven years looking forward to this day.

There has been precious little time for reflection of late, but I have had moments here and there to think about the type of art I'm compelled to make. We all make art, you know, whether it's perfectly executed door trim or an imposing mound septic system or something as mundane as a Mona Lisa.
This is the room that will become my new Attic, and I hope to be performing weekly again by the end of September. Since we started preparing to put our former home on the market almost 25 months ago, I have not had a permanent place to rest my creative equipment or my vast stash of shtuff. It's hard to say how this has affected the process, but starting this fall we'll see the effect of having a home again.

With all of my electronics save the trusty iMac packed in boxes for the summer, along with my books, records, tapes, CDs, DVDs and almost everything else I own, I have been using these precious moments to dive back into the world of imaginary physics and finally put flesh on the bones of the story that is The Imaginary Revolution, and I thank you for your input and your readership as the story of Raymond Douglas Kaliber squeezes itself out of my heart and soul and onto the, um, printed page. I have posted the book cover with a notation "Available by Christmas 2012," and you've seen promises like that from me before. My goal is that one effect of having a home will be that I keep promises better.

To you few who have been with me since I started podcasting The Imaginary Bomb in 2006, through the premiere of Uncle Warren's Attic that September, and through its various stops and starts, my heartfelt thanks. A new phase is about to begin – perhaps this is the home stretch (pun intended) or simply the next chapter, but I'm glad to have you along for the ride.

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