Saturday, July 07, 2012

My trilogy about life

I still think about kyfho from time to time, and he came up in memory the other day. I remembered a conversation I'd had about kyfho's insistence that you need to define your philosophy of life or otherwise you just drift. Another friend I deeply respect called that statement a bunch of hooey, or something like that.

I got to thinking that kyfho may have influenced my last three major writing projects – the books Refuse to be Afraid and A Scream of Consciousness, and the current effort ImagRev: The Imaginary Revolution, a novel that I am writing as a daily blog that will become a book at some point.

What is this little trilogy if not an attempt to define a philosophy of life? Refuse to let your fears control you. As much as possible, tend to the needs of the present moment, because neither the past nor the future are accessible just now. And, in Ray Kaliber's Tenets of Common Wealth, Love your neighbor as yourself; interact with love, not force or violence; and give more than you receive.

Enough navel-gazing, my other friend has cried a time or two. He misses what I had to say when I was railing against the abuses against individual sovereignty that occur daily in what is proclaimed to be a free country. What I'd decided was that freedom is an internal thing, and that its embers are fanned into a flame not by focusing on politics and government but on personal actions. Still, the forces of government do spend a lot of time trying to restrict and even outlaw personal autonomy.

I'd like to think The Imaginary Revolution would please both friends. It has a healthy dose of philosophy, being about a society based on the Zero Aggression Principle and all. But science fiction, speculative fiction, has never really been about predicting the future as much as it is about reflecting the present in an alien environment. You may find that life on Sirius 4 has a familiar feeling.

Please consider this an invitation to explore these philosophical musings and dramatizations and let me know what you think – especially if you find it a bunch of hooey. Being challenged is how we grow.

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