Monday, October 23, 2006

Turn and face the strange changes

B.W. Richardson and I have been working together for quite a few months now; I have been the narrator of his first podcast novel, The Imaginary Bomb, and will soon be doing the honors for the first sequel, The Imaginary Lover. In fact, I got Chapter 1 of the I-Lover out and then Brian yelled, "Wait! Wait! Wait! I want a do-over," which is where we've left it. The new improved Chapter 1 should be arriving soon, followed by Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and et cetera .... this time fer sure, Rocky.

Anyway, meanwhile I hatched Uncle Warren's Attic, and it certainly appears at this stage that UWA will be coming out more often than the Imaginary novels, so we've reached an agreement to fold B.W. Richardson's Imaginary Age into the Attic. The Liberated Syndication site can now be accessed via, which gives you an added option: There's a handy-dandy little libsyn player on the site that lets you hear the shows without having to download 'em.

As I get more adept at manipulating art on the libsyn templates, I very likely will move out of the Blogger attic and make the libsyn attic our main location. But that'll be a while, probably. Still, don't be surprised somewhere down the line if you hit your "" bookmark and it lands you here. Don't worry, I'll hang some curtains and put some pictures on the walls before I make it a permanent switch.

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