Friday, February 10, 2012

About this week's prizes

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Sunday's episode of the Uncle Warren's Attic podcast features a contest - be one of the first three listeners to identify what these four songs have in common and win signed copies of my last two books. It occurs to me you might want to know what you're going to win.

A Scream of Consciousness (the one with our golden retriever Willow reveling in the moment on the cover) is a collection of essays about about becoming alive, getting in touch with God and the universe, and embracing the here and now – here, and now.

Refuse to be Afraid is another collection of essays, this one about dealing with fear. It seems everyone from politicians to pharmaceutical companies want you to be so afraid that you'll willingly buy what they're selling, no matter the cost. The message here: Refuse to be Afraid. Free yourself. Dream.
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My best friend whom I've never met, Wally Conger, and I chatted together after the release of each book, talking about the themes but also roaming far afield to subjects like zombies and such. If you'd like to hear those conversations, Wally has them available in handy-dandy form - just click here for A Scream of Consciousness and here for Refuse to be Afraid.

And you'll probably want to explore Wally's site while you're at it. There's quite a lot of good stuff there.

Then check in Sunday for the re-debut of Uncle Warren's Attic and tell me what the four songs in the contest have in common. I suspect you'll have a suspicion 10 seconds into the first song and you'll be able to predict what the fourth song is, so get your guess to me asap.

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