Monday, February 27, 2012

Last chance clearance: The Adventures of Myke Phoenix

When Myke Phoenix Quarterly #1 arrives on Thursday, March 1, the original 2008 book The Adventures of Myke Phoenix will be retired. For these final few days, the book has been discounted to an astonishing price of $7.46 plus shipping.

Inside these pages you will find the original versions of the stories "Our Best Hope: The Origin of Myke Phoenix" (#1), "The Prince of the World" (#2), "The Strange Ultimatum of Quincy Quakenbos" (#3), "The World's Nicest Bad Guy" (#5), and "Ghosts" (not currently slated for publication in the Myke Phoenix monthly emagazine). Admittedly, the revisions to these tales are relatively minor – not even rising to the level of Greedo shooting first – but this is your last opportunity to own the Myke Phoenix stories as they first emerged from my little brain back around 1990.

Now, Myke Phoenix Quarterly #1 and its successor editions will be an awesome experience, but as Myke Phoenix becomes a worldwide phenomenon during the 21st century's second decade, wouldn't it be fun to own what will soon be the rare collectible book where it all started?

Click here for your last chance to buy the original Adventures of Myke Phoenix. Offer absolutely ends after Feb. 29, 2012.

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