Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good show comin' overnight

The best part about collecting an Attic full of shtuff is finding things you collected some time ago but never got around to looking at or listening to. This weekend's show features some of that.

Major sources are a couple of movies from a collection of 50 public-domain films called "Classic Musicals." Now, when you pay 20 cents a film, you can't expect loving film restoration and world-class audio, but the good shtuff shines. I think the show turned out nicely.

And it doesn't hurt that the show also includes an old radio story that has been dramatized in one of my favorite movies of all time. (If you were paying attention a couple of months ago, you can probably guess which one.)

Speaking of guesses, the audience for Uncle Warren's Attic #66 has been surprisingly gratifying for a podcast that took a 13-month hiatus, but I've never encountered such shyness in the ranks. As of Saturday morning still no one has answered the clearly obvious question of the common bond linking four songs in the show. The answer is revealed in the already-recorded #67, which will appear online at 2:01 a.m. CST on Sunday. So be one of three listeners to email me now with those answers and win those valuable prizes – or else, I'll save them for a rainy day.

And I do mean rainy – have you heard about the weather in Wisconsin? February feels like April. It has most of us believing in (and celebrating) global warming.

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